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    HACCP Training :-

    USFDA, EU and FSSAI legislations now require food business operators, to implement a documented food safety management system based on the principles of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system. HACCP provides an effective management tool for identifying hazards in food production and the implementation of cost-effective controls and monitoring procedures at points which are critical to food safety.

    For those working in catering who need to implement a HACCP system the 3 Days program in Implementing FSMS(Food Safety Management System) provides the complete understanding.

    TQS Global Management System we provide HACCP courses for operatives, HACCP team members, supervisors and technical managers. Now that the Global Standards for Food Safety place even more emphasis on HACCP and HACCP training and qualifications, it is essential to ensure that all members of a HACCP team receive sufficient training, leading to recognised qualifications. Our certificated courses will meet this requirement.

    HACCP Courses

    • The Fundamentals of Food Safety
    • Implementing Food Safety Management Systems
    • HACCP ‘The next Step’

    Auditing Training :-

    Our auditing courses will equip you with the skills required to carry out internal, supplier and third party audits. The Auditing Skills course covers all the theory behind carrying out an audit, from the opening meeting through to reporting and corrective action. It is also very interactive, allowing time for plenty of group exercises and industry case studies.

    Our Supplier Auditing course is aimed at those responsible for the auditing of their organisation's new and existing suppliers. An understanding of auditing or completion of the Auditing Skills course is recommended before you take on this course.

    For those who need the expertise to audit a complete quality management system our Auditor/Lead Auditor course fits the bill. Again, a practical approach to learning is taken, with audit scenarios and role play being used to ensure that this intensive course is both enjoyable and informative.

    Auditing Courses

    • Auditing Skills
    • Supplier Auditing
    • Auditor/Lead Auditor

    Food Safety Training :-

    From Basic to Advanced, we have a food safety course to meet al your requirements. All food handlers should have some form of food safety training to ensure that they know how to produce food that is safe to eat. Managers and supervisors will require more advanced courses to ensure they can implement and maintain effective food safety management systems, as well as understanding their role in managing food handlers.

    Food Safety Courses

    • Implementing Food Safety Management Systems.
    • Certificate in Supervising Food Safety
    • Certificate in Managing Food Safety

    Nutrition Training :-

    We offer all levels of nutrition courses, starting with a half-day Nutrition Awareness course offering the basics in nutrition to hands-on catering staff. This can also be a useful refresher course and is taught in-house.

    The one-day Healthier Food and Special Diets is ideal for catering staff – particularly those providing school meals. Training for school catering staff is of fundamental importance if they are to create healthier choices that remain attractive and tasty, while reducing fat, salt and sugar, and meeting all the requirements of the Government’s nutrition guidelines.

    Those with a particular interest in the subject can progress to the Certificate in Nutrition and Health. This course provides a more detailed knowledge of nutrition and enables delegates to successfully apply the principles of good nutrition and healthy eating. It is aimed at those employed in catering and the hospitality industry, ?caring and health professions, food retailing and manufacturing.

    We have recently introduced a Nutrition & Health Claims and Nutritional Signposting course which is aimed at senior managers, marketeers and NPD managers.

    Nutrition Courses

    • Nutrition & Health Awareness
    • CIEH Level 2 Healthier Food & Special Diets
    • Certificate in Nutrition & Health
    • Diploma in Nutrition & Health
    • Diploma in Sports Nutrition
    • Nutrition & Health Claims & Nutritional Signposting

    Specialist Training :-

    We have developed a range of course that will provide you with more specialist knowledge relevant to your role within the food industry.

    Our Training the Trainer course offers a recognised qualification for anyone wanting to train others in food safety or nutrition. New courses on food allergens will ensure that you and your staff understand the how to handle and manage food allergens to produce safe food.

    We have introduced courses on Carbon Footprinting, in anticipation of an increasing pressure for companies in the food industry to reduce their carbon footprints.

    Our new course on Creating Savoury Flavours is a highly specialised course for those working with flavourings, seasonings, ready meals and savoury snacks.

    Specialist Courses

    • Training the Trainer
    • Controlling Allergens for BRC
    • Food Allergy Workshop for Caterers
    • Creating Savoury Flavours

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